Kate S

Christina is an amazing doula!

When my husband and I interviewed her, I was impressed by her extensive knowledge and how much information she was willing to share with us — even before we decided to hire her. I could tell that she was passionate about birth work and truly loved educating others. I also felt a calm confidence about her, which I knew would be exactly what I needed during my labor.

My husband and I dreamed about an un-medicated birth at a birth center and Christina was an essential part of making that dream a complete success. She was there with us every step of the way, offering guidance, support (emotional and physical), and humor. She anticipated our needs beautifully and was a steady source of positivity, calm, and confidence. There were many moments along the way where I doubted myself or when fears overwhelmed me and Christina was always by my side helping me through those fears and cheering me on.

After our son was born, Christina checked in on us almost daily. She helped us discover that our son had tongue and lip ties and provided crucial resources to getting us the help we needed. As new parents, having Christina available to answer questions and offer guidance was beyond helpful. She was a beacon of information and support when we were still getting our bearings.

I am eternally grateful for Christina’s presence in our birth story and would hire her again in a heartbeat should we decide to have another child.

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