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What I can offer for you and your family

My doula and lactation services are inclusive and open to all types of families!

Prenatal support, including but not limited to:
– Assistance in choosing childbirth classes and other education.
– Assistance in writing a birth preference list.
– Discussing comfort measures, both natural and medical, to achieve the birth you want.
– Providing current, non-biased, evidence-based information.
– Access to my lending library.
– Providing resources as needed.

Continuous labor support, both physical and emotional
– Physical support may include “massage”, rebozo work, application of heat/cold, etc.
– Emotional support may include distraction, encouragement, affirmations, vocalizing with you, etc.
– Non-biased informational support in the event of unplanned decision-making.
– Support for the support person(s) so they can be involved in the way they would like to be, plus offering breaks so they can rest.

An objective viewpoint when faced with decisions
– I can facilitate conversation with your care provider to help you make informed decisions at any point before, during and after the birth.
– Not being affiliated with your place of birth, or as emotionally invested as an intimate partner, I can be an objective sounding board for you to arrive at decisions that work for you.

Armature photography and/or videography
– I provide my own camera for photos.
– If a video is requested, please provide the equipment.
– Photos are not edited but are shared via Dropbox, usually within a week or two.

Immediate postpartum support for bonding and feeding for 1-3 hours after birth
– As a CLEC, I can help with the first nursing session.
– I can remember and help you achieve your postpartum wishes.
– I can get you and your partner/support person(s) something to eat, take informal baby/family photos and get you any information/resources you need right away.

Continued postpartum support
– 1 in-home visit within the first several days to check in.  Lactation support as needed.
– A postpartum herbal bath and herb padsicles.
– Phone/email support between visits.
– 1 in-home visit 2-6 weeks postpartum to process the birth and provide additional resources as needed.

Lactation (if breastfeeding/chestfeeding is your plan)
– All of my clients will receive lactation support under the scope of a CLEC (certificated lactation educator counselor).
– Clients choosing the lactation package will receive additional services as listed below.
– Referral to specialists will be made as needed, should your needs be out of my scope of training.


The Basic Package

$1200 ($600 due at hiring, and $600 due by 38 weeks or before I join you at the birth).

Fee includes:

  • 1-2 prenatal visits in you home

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  • 24-hour availability from 37 weeks until birth
  • A reliable back up
  • Continuous support during labor and delivery
  • Amateur photography during the birth, if desired
  • 1-3 hours of immediate postpartum support following delivery
  • Postpartum herbal bath and padsicles
  • 1-2 postpartum visits in your home
  • Unlimited email & phone support from hire date until our final visit (and beyond)
  • Access to my list of resources and lending library as needed


  • Private in-home lactation class, prenatally – $125 ($150 for non-birth clients)
  • In-home lactation visit – $65 ($75 for non-birth clients)

The Lactation Package

$1350 ($700 due at hiring, and $650 due by 38 weeks or before I join you at the birth).

  • Includes everything in the Basic Package, plus:
  • One private in-home lactation class (in addition to the 1-2 prenatal visits), and
  • One postpartum in-home lactation visit (in addition to the 1-2 postpartum visits)

Insurance Coverage?

Unless you have Medicaid, insurance coverage is not a guarantee.  Even with coverage, you will need to pay your doula upfront and then seek reimbursement from your insurance company.  In any case, I urge you to call your insurance company and ask!  You might get someone who doesn’t know what a doula is, or they might just say no.  Keep calling!  If you get someone who says yes, ask for that in writing and ask what information they require for reimbursement.  You may get some, all or none.  If you have an FSA (flex spending account) or an HSA (health savings account), you can almost always use those dollars to pay a doula, or at least get reimbursed from your HSA or FSA.  Keep calling anyway, the more they hear about how great doulas are, the more likely they are to offer coverage in the future!

Interested in meeting?

  • I always offer a free no-obligations interview to get to know each other, ask questions, and let you decide if I am the right fit for your family. I’d love to hear from you!
  • For my current availability and testimonials, please click here.

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