Treasure S

Here are a few words to describe Christina: compassionate, informed, open, professional, warm, genuine, delightful, kind.

I am convinced that having her as our doula made all the difference in our amazing birth experience. She assisted with good evidence-based information to help make empowered and informed care choices. Her supportive and compassionate presence during my labor helped me feel safe, strong and confident in the power of my body. With her support, I was able to have a hospital birth that was as close to my original (birth center) birth plan as possible. I know that her support and encouragement were priceless to my husband, as well, and allowed him to calmly and confidently take on the role of birth partner. I additionally appreciated that Christina was supportive of, and knowledgeable about HypnoBabies, which
we used to create a comfortable and harmonious birth experience.

Christina’s assistance did not end once our baby was born. In so many helpful and beautiful ways, she reached out beyond the official call of duty and supported our new family through its earliest challenges. With her coaching and cheer-leading, I was able to breastfeed my baby after nearly a month of IBCLC appointments, adapted feeding, a tongue-tie revision, a surprise stay at Children’s Hospital, and other obstacles. When I felt like giving up, I leaned on Christina, and her nonjudgmental encouragement strengthened my resolve and, I believe, ultimately contributed to our breastfeeding success. I remain eternally grateful for the highest quality of respect and genuine care we received.

I highly recommend Christina’s doula services to any birthing person with the knowledge that her support was instrumental in facilitating a beautiful, joyous, and empowered birth experience for my family.

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