Lactation & Infant Feeding Classes

My classes are inclusive and open to all types of families!

Upcoming Classes:

No classes scheduled at this time, check back or contact me!

$65 per family (pregnant person plus support person/people)

In this 3 hour class, you and your support person(s) will learn all you need to know to confidently begin your nursing journey! Topics covered include:

  1. Why human milk? (Benefits to baby, parents, and society).
  2. Anatomy of lactation.
  3. Time to Feed, Positioning and Latch.
  4. Is baby getting what they need?
  5. Having a feeding plan (for the hospital/birth center and once home).
  6. Common concerns.
  7. Going back to work or separating from your baby.
  8. Pumps and other equipment.
  9. Nutrition while lactating.
  10. Role of the support person(s).

Plus lots of resource for continued support.

Register here or contact me if you have questions!