Brittany S

We were blessed to have Christina attend the births of our two children (2017 & 2020). The care she provides during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is exceptional. She is always willing to go out of her way to answer questions and provide support. I’m 10 days postpartum, and she still texts me daily to see… Continue reading Brittany S

Nicole W

Christina was wonderful. She has a very calm and sure presence that really helped me feel confident in myself. She seems to have a great intuition as to exactly what needed to be done to help me during labor - applying pressure in the right spot, getting me moving, making sure I stayed hydrated throughout… Continue reading Nicole W

Chelsie T

Of all the decisions we made in preparation for the birth of our daughter, hiring Christina was the best one. Thanks to her support and knowledge, our labor went as smoothly as one can hope for, and I can look back on our little one's birthday without any remorse or regret. Additionally her prenatal and… Continue reading Chelsie T

Stacy C.

Christina in one word is amazing!  She is extremely knowledgeable and you can tell she really loves what she does.  She met with us three times before our baby came and in those three visits we discussed everything about what to expect before, during and after labor.  We also discussed options for pain management and… Continue reading Stacy C.

Brittany S

We are so grateful to have Christina as our doula! Her calming presence and birthing techniques during labor made it a positive experience for both of us. She is extremely knowledgeable and spent several hours with us before labor, educating us on a wide range of topics (birth plan, labor techniques, breastfeeding, postpartum, etc.) We… Continue reading Brittany S