Brittany S

We were blessed to have Christina attend the births of our two children (2017 & 2020). The care she provides during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is exceptional. She is always willing to go out of her way to answer questions and provide support. I’m 10 days postpartum, and she still texts me daily to see how we are doing. Her calming presence during birth brought me so much peace and I was lucky to have her by my side. My first birth was in the hospital and she helped me achieve a pain medication free birth and was an amazing support person for both me and my husband. She used counter-pressure the entire time to keep me comfortable (over 11 hours). My second birth was an extremely quick home birth, and she arrived when I was in transition. She did an awesome job keeping me calm until my midwives arrived. She used hypnobabies cues and knew exactly what to do until they got there. We laugh because during my first birth, she told me to get on the toilet in transition to relax and help me dilate faster (it worked!). And this time she told me to get off the toilet so my baby wouldn’t be born without my midwives there. We joke that it was two of the most critical pieces of information we have ever received. I can’t recommend Christina enough and can’t imagine giving birth without her support. We are so lucky to have her and feel like she is part of our family!

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