Chelsie T

Of all the decisions we made in preparation for the birth of our daughter, hiring Christina was the best one. Thanks to her support and knowledge, our labor went as smoothly as one can hope for, and I can look back on our little one’s birthday without any remorse or regret. Additionally her prenatal and postpartum support helped us to adjust to our new roles as parents. She was able to provide evidence-based recommendations for breastfeeding and pumping, teach us about newborn care and development, and check in on our mental well-being in the critical weeks after birth. Additionally, our baby was born on a holiday, and she was still there to support us through the whole process.

Even two and a half months later, as the finer details of labor/delivery and the first two weeks postpartum slip away, I feel just as grateful for her support as ever. If you’re considering hiring a doula for your little one’s arrival, you should definitely consider Christina!

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